Warranty & Returns

General Policy

Adelaide Cartridge Centre will respond to any warranty/return request in a timely and professional manner. We value your business and will try to minimise any inconvenience if you are experiencing problems.   

Goods for Return fall into 2 categories :

  • Faulty product – covered under our Product Warranty provisions
  • Incorrectly ordered or supplied goods – covered under our Returns provisions

All of Adelaide Cartridge Centre’s warranty and returns procedures are designed to offer speedy assessment of any claim and maximum protection of your rights where you have a legitimate claim or request. We are committed to attending to any claim or request you may have in a professional and timely manner.

Product Warranty

Adelaide Cartridge Centre Product Warranty covers our genuine (OEM), non-genuine, compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges.  New printers are covered separately by the printer manufacturer’s warranty provisions and therefore excluded from our Product Warranty. For more information see ‘How to make a New Printer Warranty Claim‘ section below.

Should you be experiencing any problems with your product within the manufacturer’s warranty period you can submit a warranty claim using our ‘Return Request’ procedure for printer cartridges, or by contacting your printer manufacturer for warranty claims for new printers.

For printer cartridges, we will respond to your warranty claim by either providing a cash refund, providing a product replacement or referring your claim back to the manufacturer for assessment. For New Printers, the provisions of the printer manufacturers warranty will govern how your claim is handled.

As an overriding safeguard, your consumer rights are protected by the statutory requirements of Adelaide Cartridge Centre under consumer protection law.

Requirements for submitting a Product Warranty Claim

The following is required for Product Warranty Claims:

Note: Adelaide Cartridge Centre Product Warranty Claims excludes new printers as they are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. See ‘ How to make a New Printer Warranty Claim‘ section for more information.

  • Goods must be returned within 14 days of the issue of a Return Authorisation (see Warranty Claim procedures below)
  • You must include a proof of purchase of the goods returned
  • Include a copy of any faulty prints (this is mandatory)
  • Provide details of any ‘error codes or messages’ displayed on the printer display
  • Include a print configuration report for laser and drum returns (will advise if required)
How to make a Product Warranty claim

Before submitting a claim, please note that our Product Warranty covers all products except for new printers, which are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. See ‘How to make a New Printer Warranty Claim’ section.

Step 1:  Before any goods are considered for a warranty claim – you must fill out a Return Request within 14 days of detecting any fault and within 6 months of your initial purchase. You may either contact our Customer Service on 1300 780 810 to discuss your concerns or submit a Return Request using our online form.

Submitting a Return Request form is not an acceptance of your claim but an administrative mechanism we use to start the return claim process. 

Step 2:  Upon receipt of your completed Return Request Form – your reasons for requesting goods to be returned will be evaluated to determine the validity of your request.  In some cases, you may be contacted to supply further information.  Please note that this initial evaluation is not of the goods themselves, but of the nature of the problem and your reasons for wanting to return the goods.

Step 3:  Approval for Warranty Return – Upon acceptance of your reasons to return goods, you will be issued with a Return Authorisation Form & RA Number. This is our approval at this stage of the warranty claim procedure for the ‘return only’ of the goods. The issuing of a Return Authority is not an acceptance of your claim but an administrative mechanism that we use to start the process of having your goods returned for evaluation. 

Packaging – You must ensure all goods are packaged appropriately to avoid any damage to the goods in transit. This could impact on your warranty claim. We would recommend you ensure cartridges are sealed and secured to avoid any leakage or loss in transit.

Cost of return freight – It is the customer’s responsiblity to cover all frieght costs until such time that their claim is accepted. Goods returned to Adelaide Cartridge Centre with freight unpaid by the customer will not be accepted and this will only hinder the processing of your warranty claim. 

We would recommend that you have proof of delivery of goods back to Adelaide Cartridge Centre in the event that the goods going missing in transit.

Step 4: Once your goods have been received back and approved for credit, we will contact you to agree on your preferred credit option – a credit refund or replacement goods.

Our Customer Service staff will keep you informed of the progress of your warranty claim throughout its various stages.

If you wish to discuss your claim you can contact us on 1300 780 810 or submit a online enquiry through our Contact Us form.

What happens when the claim is referred to the Manufacturer?

In the event that a warranty claim is referred back to the manufacturer, the processing of any credit may be delayed until the manufacturer has proven the goods are faulty. In some cases this may be quickly achieved once Adelaide Cartridge Centre have provided all of the details of any faulty goods that have been received. In other cases, the goods may need to be physically returned to the manufacturer.

In all cases you will be kept informed of the progress of your claim.

What is the process for returning a faulty cartridge still under Warranty?

Firstly, you are required to make a claim using our online ‘Return Request’ form before returning any goods.  Once your request has been approved we will issue a ‘Return Authorisation’, which will provide details on how the goods are to be returned.  This step is generally completed within 24 hours.

When will I receive a replacement cartridge?

In most cases, a replacement cartridge is supplied within 1-2 days, at no cost.  In a small number of cases where the nature of the fault to the cartridge is not clear, the manufacturer may request the cartridge be returned for assessment before a credit is issued.

Will I be charged for a replacement faulty cartridge?

In most cases, the answer is No.

In a small number of cases where the cartridge is returned to the manufacturer for assessment, and if you require an immediate replacement cartridge in the interim period, then the replacement cartridge is chargeable, and a credit is issued once the initial cartridge is found to be faulty.

Alternatively, you may wait for a free replacement cartridge or credit, subject to the initial cartridge being found faulty.

What happens if my Product Warranty claim is denied?

If goods returned for warranty are found not to be faulty as reported, such goods will be returned to the customer and all associated freight charges in having the cartridges and products despatched for testing and assessment are payable by the customer.

Am I covered for incorrect cartridge installation?

Our warranty does not extend to cartridges that have not been installed correctly or to any subsequent damage that is caused to the cartridge or printer. It is important you follow the correct cartridge installation procedures (refer to your printer manual or any attached instructions) when installing replacement cartridges.

Tampered, Damaged or Refilled Products

If the cartridges or goods have been damaged, tampered with or refilled in any way, your claim will be rejected.

Cartridges will need to be over a minimum weight of 80% of a new cartridge before they will be considered for warranty claim.

It is your responsibility to handle your cartridges with due care, any accidental damage caused will not be covered by warranty.

It is easy to sometimes miss a simple step when installing a cartridge.  Referring to the Technical section in our Frequently Asked Questions page may help to solve your problem and avoid a warranty claim.

How to make a New Printer Warranty Claim

Your printer warranty is covered under the provisions of the printer manufacturer.

The printer manufacturer will outline in the printer manual, the procedure to be followed in regard to warranty claims on a new printer.  The printer manufacturer will only deal direct with the end user (the customer) in resolving any warranty claim.

The printer manual will generally provide the contact details of the printer manufacturer and procedures to be followed.

In the event that these details are not provided, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 780 810 and we will follow up immediately contact information with the manufacturer.

The information you will generally require when contacting the manufacturer:

  • Printer Serial Number
  • Printer Model Number
  • Proof of Purchase (being a Copy of your Purchase Invoice showing customer name, date of purchase & printer model number)

Printer Damage Claims

Adelaide Cartridge Centre proudly stands by the quality of products we supply.  However in the event that your printer has been damaged due to the supply of faulty cartridges, we will meet all reasonable costs associated in repairing your printer subject to you meeting the Damage Claim Requirements stated below.

We will only accept the cost of printer repairs once you have met the requirements of a Damage Claim and Adelaide Cartridge Centre has given their express written authority for such repairs to proceed.

We reserve the right to pay for any approved repairs by either direct payment to the authorised service repair business or direct payment to you the customer.

We reserve the right to choose a repairer of our own to seek further assessment of your claim and/or to carry out repairs in a manner that will make good the printer.

Our product warranty only applies where the customer has legal title of the actual printer affected by the faulty cartridge(s).

Failure to follow our warranty procedures will void any warranty claim with Adelaide Cartridge Centre.

Printer Damage Claim Requirements

In the event that you experience damage to your existing printer as a result of a faulty cartridge, please advise us in writing within 14 days of any such damage or noticeable event.  Adelaide Cartridge Centre will not accept any liability for any printer repairs where we have not been contacted prior to any such repairs taking place, and have not given our express written authority for such repairs to proceed.

In the event that you have taken your printer into a printer repairer, you are to include an original copy of a Repair Report from your qualified repairer.

Your repairer has a responsibility to ensure no damage is caused to the printer or parts in assessing your printer, and any such damage will void any warranty claim.

The printer is to be made available in its original condition (fully assembled) should we choose to have further assessment on any damage. The repairer is to provide the faulty parts, testing equipment data, test prints or other items that have allowed them to reach their conclusion, if requested.

By submitting an Printer Damage claim with Adelaide Cartridge Centre, you give us permission to contact your repairer to raise any questions or seek any information regarding your damage claim, and authorise your repairer to communicate with us freely, and without hindrance, in addressing any questions we have regarding any printer damage issue.

Repair Report Requirements

Please ensure any repair report submitted with your Equipment Damage claim includes the following:

  • must specify the make, model and serial number of your printer.
  • must be signed by the owner of the repair business or his approved representative
  • must be printed on business letterhead or a standard repair form of the repairer showing the full name, business and contact details of the repairer.
  • should state which parts are faulty, how the faulty part failed as a result of the faulty cartridge(s), what action of the faulty cartridge(s) caused the damage, and also clearly state that any damage sustained and faulty parts are a direct result of the cartridge(s) supplied by Adelaide Cartridge Centre.
  • should state that the manufacturer of the printer or their representatives are not liable for the repairs under the terms of the printer warranty.


Incorrectly Ordered Goods

Incorrectly ordered goods will generally be accepted for return, however we reserve the right to deny a Return Request where such goods cannot be accepted back by our suppliers due to the goods being ‘special order items’ or are not a normal stock line item.

Before shipping your return goods, you must contact us within 14 days of the purchase date of the product(s) you wish to return. Please refer to How to make a Return section (below).

Incorrectly ordered goods must be returned before a refund/credit can be issued.

To avoid any inconvenience in the event of incorrectly ordered cartridges, we recommend you do the following before ordering:

  • Check the model number on your existing cartridges.
  • Refer to your printer manual to check cartridge details
  • Check your cartridge details on the web site of the printer manufacturer

A restocking fee of 15% of the original purchase price may be applicable for incorrectly ordered goods, but this is not common and you would be advised of such circumstances. Any restocking fee will be deducted from the original amount paid that is to be refunded.

How to make a Return

I ordered the wrong thing, how do I return it?

Step 1: Complete our online Return Request form within 14 days of the purchase date of the product(s) you would like to return.

Subject to our evaluation, you will be given a Return Authorisation Number (RA Number) which we will confirm by email. Please be aware, the RA Number will represent Adelaide Cartridge Centre’s authorisation and approval for the return of your products for evaluation only. It is not an acceptance to credit your goods at this stage, this will be determined once we have evaluated the returned products.

Step 2: On receiving your RA Number, you will need to ship your return goods to Adelaide Cartridge Centre within 14 days (of receiving your RA Number). Please ensure your return package includes:

  • Return goods in their original packaging, un-opened and undamaged
  • Proof of Purchase of goods being returned
The product I received is not what I ordered?

If the product(s) you received are not what you ordered, please contact Adelaide Cartridge Centre within 7 days by completing our online Return Request form.

We will immediately follow up your communication and verify any supply error. Once the supply error is verified, we will arrange for the collection of the incorrect goods and supply the correct items.

Should you wish to cancel your order, we will provide a full refund of any prepaid goods, subject to the incorrectly supplied goods being available for collection and return.

We will provide details and procedures for the return of the goods. Do not return any goods until we have verified any supply error, whereupon we will provide a Return Authorisation and a Return Authority (RA) Number.

Adelaide Cartridge Centre in conjunction with the customer, will arrange for the collection of any goods for return and will pay for any freight costs.

Please keep all goods in a safe place until collection is arranged. Any questions please call our Customer Service on 1300 780 810.

The product is faulty and I want to return it / get a replacement?

Step 1: Please complete our online Return Request form.

Once your request has been reviewed we will issue a Return Authorisation Number (RA Number) via email. This step is generally completed within 24 hours.

Step 2: On receiving your RA Number, you will need to ship your return goods to Adelaide Cartridge Centre within 14 days (of receiving your RA Number). Please ensure your return package includes proof of purchase of goods being returned.

Return Shipping

It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for shipping of returned goods that were incorrectly ordered. Goods returned to Adelaide Cartridge Centre with freight unpaid by the customer will not be accepted and this will only hinder the processing of your return claim. 

If the product(s) you received are not what you ordered, we will arrange for the collection of the incorrect goods and supply the correct items.

When returning goods, we recommend you use a service provider who can provide proof of delivery in the event of the goods going missing in transit. You may wish to consider taking appropriate insurance cover for your goods. In the event that goods were to go missing in transit, this matter is between you and your freight service provider.

Goods that are returned to us that do not follow this procedure will not be considered for a return refund and will not be processed.